Men’s Bible Studies

The Book Joshua: The Conquering of the Land
Tuesday Evenings at 7:30 pm
Taught by Nate Libby

Join us this semester as we take a closer look into the life and times of Joshua. In this study we will see how God keeps his promise to the people of Israel and how Jesus is pictured in this wonderful Old Testament book!

Building Your Devotional Life
Wednesday Mornings at 7:00 am
Taught by Howard Luber

We live in a hurry up and go world. Many of us have a list of things we need to do daily and accomplishing these things seems to take up all our time. We may ask, “Who has the time to sit down and engage in devotions” or maybe, “Isn’t this just another item on my to-do list?” If you sometimes feel this way, then consider joining as we take time to turn our hearts and minds to the One who knows all our busyness and let Him order our day by first, drawing us close to Him. We know that in order to stay healthy we need to eat right and exercise regularly; it’s the same with our spiritual health. Let us encourage one another to exercise our hearts as we go to the Lord to fee from the manna that He provides each day from His Word.

True Community – Going Deep Offered
Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30pm
Taught by Mark Herrell

In this small group for men, Mark Herrell will facilitate biblical discussion and fellowship intended to foster rich, authentic, and deep community. God’s Word strongly commends the importance and value of humbling ourselves before one another, confessing our sins to one another, and bearing one another’s burdens. If you find yourself wanting or needing more community, and if you desire to know and be known by men of the church, this study is for you.

Jerry Bridges’ Trusting God
Friday Mornings at 7:00 am
Taught by David Rea

This spring we will continue our focus on The Blessing of Humility: Walk Within Your Calling, by Jerry Bridges. We hope to see you there!

Ladies’ Bible Studies

Trusting God Through Troubled Times: Isaiah
Monday nights at 7:30 pm AND Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am (childcare provided)
Taught by Trish Luber

Sometimes called the Fifth Gospel, the book of Isaiah is one of the most beautiful books ever written. In it, the prophet Isaiah addresses a nation involved in very frightening and turbulent times and encourages them to trust God in everything. This book is frequently quoted in the New Testament because its message of encouragement is timeless: our trust must be in Jesus Christ alone. Through all of our own trials and difficulties, Isaiah encourages us with the promises of God in our Savior. Through poetic imagery and historical narrative, Isaiah teaches us that our own peace and joy are in Him. We will look at selected passages in this book and discuss how these eternal truths apply to and encourage us in our own daily lives. Please click HERE to sign up for Monday nights, or HERE to sign up for Wednesday mornings (with childcare provided).

The Great I AM: Exodus
Offered Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am (childcare provided)
Taught by Alyson Averitt

Join us as we look at Exodus 19-40 this semester. The redemption of God’s people from slavery and deliverance into the land of milk and honey is a picture of our own redemption in Christ and deliverance to glory. It is a story of finding hope in the midst of hopelessness and forgiveness for a sinful people. It is a picture of the living God who is high and holy, and who loves his people with an everlasting love. Through studying this book, we will discuss what it means to trust God in difficulty and how his continued faithfulness encourages us to persevere in our own life journeys. Taught by Alyson Averitt. Please click HERE to sign up for Wednesday mornings (childcare provided).

High School Bible Study (9th – 12th grade)

High School Girls Bible Study – The Envy of Eve: The Deeper Struggle of our Hearts
Offered Jan. 29, Feb. 12, Mar. 5, Apr. 2, 23, May 7, 21 at 4:30pm at the Wagners
Taught by Alyson Averitt

Through looking at situations in the lives of many people in the Bible, we will discuss the struggle that we all have with coveting: a struggle that goes far deeper and pervades so much more of our lives and choices than we realize. We will dive deep into discussion about our own struggles with our friends, family, the opposite sex, giftedness, possessions, circumstances, peer pressure, academic pressure and more. We will look at and practically apply the one and only solution for coveting: truly trusting the God who loves us and cares for us.

High School Guys Bible Study
Offered Jan. 22, Feb. 5, 26, Mar. 26, Apr. 9, 30, May 14 at PPC at 4:30pm
Taught by Graham Averitt & Nate Libby

This semester the high school boys will be studying the scriptures with the help of Charles Spurgeon as we work on building a daily devotional life with “Morning and Evening”. Just like last semester we will be eating pre-dinner pizza, and playing various sports (A.K.A. Spikeball, Ultimate, Football, and whatever else you want to play or make up) as we seek to know and love Jesus more and enjoy fellowshipping together.