Sunday School Information

Sunday school will run January 13th – May 12th with a two week break for Spring break (March 10th & 17th).

Birth – Early Walkers: Room 105
Walkers – 1s: Room 107
2s & 3s: Room 111
4s – Kindergarten: Room 102
1st – 2nd Grade: Room 101
3rd – 5th Grade: Room 113
Middle School (6th – 8th grade): Room 116
High School (9th – 12th grade): Room 115

Ben Dunson’s Adult Class: Room 135
The Theology of the Apostle Paul
The Bible is a unified book and yet it also contains many genres and different authors. While there is certainly benefit in understanding what the whole Bible says about a given topic, sometimes it can be especially beneficial to zoom in on a single author and study what he has to say. This term we will do this by studying the theology of the Apostle Paul. Without Paul’s writings we would not have nearly the full picture we have in Scripture of the saving work of Jesus Christ. Together we will examine such topics as what it means for us to be united to Jesus Christ by faith, the nature of the salvation we have in Christ, adoption into God’s family, and how God transforms us by his Spirit more and more into the image of Christ, and the heavenly destiny of all believers.

Dave Clelland’s Adult Class: Room 136
A Dress for Success
If you think you can successfully confront spiritual opposition to you and your faith unarmed, the Bible tells you you are seriously mistaken. Just iike a soldier needs to “gear-up” for the battlefield, God in his Word provides for us what we need to dress for success on our battlefields. Join us for an in-depth study of the Armor of God based on Ephesians 6:10-20.

David Rea’s Adult Class: Sanctuary
The Book of Acts
If ever there was an environment hostile to the gospel, it was the strife-torn, ethnically diverse backwater of the Roman Empire known as Palestine following the ascension of Jesus. But beginning in Jerusalem and spreading throughout Judea, Samaria and the rest of the known world, the work of the Gospel thrived. In Acts, the sequel to his Gospel, Luke tells how the Holy Spirit transformed a ragtag band of believers into a unified, worldengaging church. Come join us on Sunday mornings to learn more about this foundational book and how its story is still being played out today.

6th-8th Grade Sunday School: High School room; taught by Nate Libby
The name of this book means beginning and that is what Genesis is all about. It lays out for its readers the beginning of the universe, the beginning of mankind, the beginning of man’s relationship with God, how mankind fell from their right relationship with God, and it
describes the beginning of God’s plan to save humanity from their fallen estate. This semester we are going to take a closer look at the beginning of our Bible and seek to better know and understand our great God as he has revealed himself to us in this book.

9th-12th Grade Sunday School: Middle School room; taught by Leslie & Randy McCabe, Shannon & Brett Owens
Jesus My Savior
This semester, grades 6-8 will explore the Gospel of Luke. As they study Luke, the students will see how only the Son of Man could be the one true Savior. They will read about Jesus’ miracles, healings and teaching to see the evidence of Jesus’ saving power.

Children’s Church (10:10am)
Birth – Early Walkers: Room 105
Walkers – 1s: Room 107
2s: Room 111
3s: Room 112
4s: Room 102
Kindergarten & 1st-3rd grade: Dismissed prior to the sermon & returning before communion for children’s church

Ben Dunson - Oct 21, 2018

Revelation Unveiled - Week 7

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