Sunday School Classes

Sunday School (9:00am)
Babies: Room 105
Crawlers/Walkers – 1s: Room 107
2s & 3s: Room 112
4s & 5s: Room 102
1st – 2nd Grade: Room 101
3rd – 5th Grade: Room 113
6th – 8th grade: Middle School Room
9th – 12th grade: High School Room
Dave Clelland’s Adult Class: Room 136
David Rea’s Adult Class: Sanctuary

Elijah and Elisha
In the church sanctuary
Taught by David Rea

What Augustine once said of the gospel of John, “shallow enough for a child not to drown, yet deep enough for an elephant to swim,” is certainly applicable to the prophetic ministries
of Elijah and Elisha. Consider joining us this spring as we dive deep into the ministries of two of the most important but often overlooked prophets of the Old Testament and how they point us to the greatest prophet of them all, Jesus Christ.

It’s Story Time With Jesus
Room #136
Taught by Dave Clelland

“Once upon a time…” always gets our attention. We want to hear stories. Jesus is the greatest communicator, and so He extensively used inspired stories to communicate spiritual truths. Come join us to revisit and study Jesus’ parables.

Children’s Church (10:10am)
Babies: Room 105
Crawlers – Early Walkers: Room 107
Walkers – 1s: Room 104
2s: Room 111
3s: Room 112
4s: Room 102
Kindergarten & 1st-3rd grade: Dismissed prior to the sermon & returning before communion for children’s church