Sunday School Information

Providence will not hold Sunday school classes on December 9, 16, 23, 30 or January 6. We will take a break for the Christmas season, and classes will resume on Sunday, January 13.

Birth – Early Walkers: Room 105
Walkers – 1s: Room 107
2s & 3s: Room 111
4s – Kindergarten: Room 102
1st – 2nd Grade: Room 101
3rd – 5th Grade: Room 113
Middle School (6th – 8th grade): Room 116
High School (9th – 12th grade): Room 115

Ben Dunson’s Adult Class: Room 135
Revelation Unveiled
Many Christians avoid the book of Revelation because they think they won’t be able to understand it. But the first word in the book, from which we get the title “Revelation,” literally means an “unveiling” or “revealing.” By this we see that God intends for his people to be able to understand and apply this book to their own lives. And with God’s help that is exactly what we will do as we study this letter written to encourage believers living and struggling in the midst of a cosmic battle between God and Satan, a battle we are still very much in the midst of 2000 years later.

Ben Dunson - Nov 25, 2018

Revelation Unveiled - Week 11

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Dave Clelland’s Adult Class: Room 136
A Double Header
First up for six Sundays will be “Only Jesus” where we will study the book of Hebrews. Next up will be “Get you gear”, a seven week study on Ephesians 6:10-20 and the real-life implications and applications of the “armor of God” for Christians.

David Rea’s Adult Class: Sanctuary
The Gospel of Mark
When John Mark wrote out his good news about Jesus two thousand years ago, his Gospel was a completely new kind of book. No one had ever written one before. In fact, no one would have known what a Gospel was…what made the Gospel of Mark unique was this: it was not written merely as the memoir of Jesus as a great man, not even as the greatest man who had ever lived. Rather it was meant to persuade its readers that Jesus was the Son of God. Who is Jesus of Nazareth and what is the good news about him? This book presents us with Mark’s answer.

Children’s Church (10:10am)
Birth – Early Walkers: Room 105
Walkers – 1s: Room 107
2s: Room 111
3s: Room 112
4s: Room 102
Kindergarten & 1st-3rd grade: Dismissed prior to the sermon & returning before communion for children’s church